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Fortified Shield

Fortified Shield offers multiple penetration testing services to evaluate and elevate your organization cybersecurity posture.

Red team Simulated Attacks

Even though Cyber Security compromises have devastating effect, there is a silver lining in that they provide an excellent opportunity to pinpoint pain areas in your IT infrastructure. Leveraging The Red Team Simulated Attack from Fortified Shield provides the opportunity to get the benefits of discovering your organization cybersecurity weaknesses without suffering the consequences of […]

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Network Penetration Testing

Attackers are always on the look for a path to your organization information assets. Often, this path involves traversing your network. Networks are composed of a plethora of devices and services to satisfy business needs and requirements. As such, it’s critical to ensure that cybersecurity critical controls are implemented to protect your network. Fortified Shield’s […]

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Web Application Penetration Testing

Organizations are becoming more and more dependent on web applications. To meet customer requirements, software vendors prefer to develop web interface for their applications to allow for mobility and increase personnel flexibility. With the recent web applications proliferation, web applications vulnerabilities present tempting targets for attackers to infiltrate into organization’s networks and to steal their […]

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