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Fortified Shield

Organizations can have the most advanced and sophisticated cybersecurity technologies and still be susceptible to cybersecurity breaches due to lack of users’ cybersecurity awareness. Nowadays most adversaries attempt to exploit the human factor through social engineering tactics to enable their attacks. Studies have shown that %95 of breaches are due to the “human factor”. As such, the weakest link in any organization’s cybersecurity defenses are the employees, which reinforces the need for a dedicated and well-thought-of cybersecurity awareness program.

You could learn more about our cybersecurity awareness services by watching our cybersecurity awareness program introduction video and going through our cybersecurity awareness program datasheet.

Cybersecurity Awareness Media Production

Fortified Shield recognizes the need of utilizing different channels to raise your employees’ cybersecurity awareness. The usage of different channels is essential in ensuring the constant engagement of the employees with the awareness program. As such, Fortified shield will produce creative videos, posters, desktop backgrounds, and screensavers that are attractive and effective in delivering the […]

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Cybersecurity E-Learning Courses

Having a cybersecurity e-learning course is a critical component of your cybersecurity awareness strategy. E-learning courses allow each employee to complete the training at his/her own pace. To ensure your employees will get the maximum benefits of the E-Learning courses Fortified Shield will develop an interactive E-learning solution based on your organization cybersecurity needs.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Maturity Assessment

Understanding the cybersecurity awareness maturity of your organization is essential in designing and implementing an effective cybersecurity awareness program. As such, Fortified Shield offers a dedicated study of the cybersecurity awareness status of your organization to assess its maturity. Next, Fortified Shield will use the study results to come with the optimal plan of your […]

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Phishing Awareness (Phishing Tests)

An extraordinary number of phishing attacks are targeting employees of companies and organizations. In Fortified Shield, we recognize this pain area of our customers and provide a dedicated phishing awareness program to their employees. The program is aimed at increasing employee’s awareness in spotting phishing email attacks. The phishing awareness program will be tailored to […]

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