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Fortified Shield

Fortified Shield offers multiple cybersecurity assessment services to evaluate and elevate your organization cybersecurity posture.

Cloud Hosting Security Assessment

Do you have all your infrastructure or parts of it hosted in the cloud? Do you know if you are following the best security standards for cloud hosting? Do you need to comply with certain security standards or regulations for hosting the data in the cloud? With the cloud hosting security assessment service from Fortified […]

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Network Security Posture Assessment

Attackers are always on the look for a path to your organization information assets. Often, this path involves traversing your network. Networks are composed of a plethora of devices and services to satisfy business needs and requirements. As such, it is critical to ensure that cybersecurity critical controls are implemented to protect your network. With […]

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Endpoint Security Posture Assessment

Endpoints are the end targets of cybersecurity attacks. One compromised endpoint within your organization can lead to serious cascading effects and disturbance to your business. With the Endpoint Security Posture Assessment Service from Fortified Shield, we will provide your organization with a complete picture of the current controls and capabilities related to endpoint protection. Additionally, […]

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Cybersecurity Standards Compliance Assessment

Do you handle or store payment information of customers? Do you handle sensitive medical information of your patients? Do you handle sensitive government confidential documents that need to be kept safe and secure? Do you need to achieve compliance with global or national information security standard? Do you need to comply with NCA’s ECC-1, SAMA, […]

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Email Hosting Security Assessment

Do you know if you have the right security configuration for hosting emails whether it is hosted in on-premises infrastructure on in the cloud? Do you need to comply with certain email security guidelines? Do you know that 90% of cybersecurity compromises originate from emails? With the email security assessment service at Fortified Shield, we […]

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