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Fortified Shield

Even though Cyber Security compromises have devastating effect, there is a silver lining in that they provide an excellent opportunity to pinpoint pain areas in your IT infrastructure. Leveraging The Red Team Simulated Attack from Fortified Shield provides the opportunity to get the benefits of discovering your organization cybersecurity weaknesses without suffering the consequences of an actual compromise.

With The red team Simulated Attack services from Fortified Shield, we will test your organization resilience against real cyber-attacks. The engagement will be mimicking the tactics, techniques and procedures used by real adversaries. Fortified Shield can deliver diverse attack types based on our experience in analyzing real world attacks. The engagement will be tailored to your organization based on the attacks you are likely to face and based on the current cybersecurity defenses deployed within the organization. Once the red team exercise has concluded, Fortified Shield will deliver a comprehensive report highlighting what the red team took advantage of to enable the attack. The report will also include a mitigation action plan on the vulnerabilities that have been identified during the exercise.