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Fortified Shield

Attackers are always on the look for a path to your organization information assets. Often, this path involves traversing your network. Networks are composed of a plethora of devices and services to satisfy business needs and requirements. As such, it is critical to ensure that cybersecurity critical controls are implemented to protect your network.

With the Network Security Posture Assessment Service from Fortified Shield, we will assess your organization’s defenses against network threats. Our approach for network security is tailored to protect against emerging cybersecurity threats and is based on the defense-in-depth methodology. We will help you achieve the optimal network security posture for your organization by reviewing and collecting data from your routers, switches, firewalls, proxy, IDS/IPS, or any other networking devices. All the collected data will be compared to leading security practices and, using our expertise, we will interpret the findings and identify missing network security controls. Upon the completion of the service, we will recommend prioritized mitigations that you can act on to improve your organization’s network security posture.