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Fortified Shield

Attackers are always on the look for a path to your organization information assets. Often, this path involves traversing your network. Networks are composed of a plethora of devices and services to satisfy business needs and requirements. As such, it’s critical to ensure that cybersecurity critical controls are implemented to protect your network.

Fortified Shield’s security experts will conduct a full-scale network penetration testing to test the resilience of your organization network security. The test will analyze your network for weaknesses, technical flaws, and vulnerabilities just as a potential attacker would do in real attacks. Fortified Shield can perform penetration testing either outside your external security perimeter or inside it. The end goal is to demonstrate how well your system would withstand an attack. Once the network penetration testing has concluded, Fortified Shield will issue a report that will highlight all discovered vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your network. Fortified Shield will provide a mitigation action plan for the findings. Moreover, to maximize the service benefits, our team will also provide the necessary technical documentation that allows your network administrators to recreate the findings.