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Fortified Shield

When hit with cybersecurity incidents, many enterprises do not know what to do and whom to contact? Business could be down for several days while the organization is clueless on how to respond to the incident.

As such, Fortified Shield offers Cybersecurity Incident Response Retainer services to be your resort whenever faced with cybersecurity incident. This service guarantees Fortified Shield availability during any cybersecurity incident within a pre-negotiated timeframe. As part of the retainer service, Fortified Shield will help your organization execute its incident response plan and provide recommendations on how to recover and get your business on its feet ASAP. The Cybersecurity Incident Response Retainer service also includes Digital Forensic and Incident Response DFIR service which should help your organization pinpoint the root cause of the incident.

Note: To ensure proper and effective incident response, we require the incident response readiness service to be a prerequisite to this service.