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Fortified Shield

Many organizations lack the necessary knowledge and skill in dealing with cybersecurity incidents and will be clueless if faced with one. As such, precious business opportunities, manhours, and revenue could be lost when hit with a cybersecurity incident. Furthermore, many cybersecurity incidents are not investigable. The inability to investigate an incident and not being able to find an incident’s root cause could lead to the same incident reoccurring.

With the Incident Response Readiness Assessment service at Fortified Shield, we will ensure your business is fit to deal with cybersecurity incident if faced with any. Fortified Shield will provide your organization with an incident response plan ready to be used in case of a cybersecurity incident. The plan will ensure that a cybersecurity incident will have minimal impact on your business. Additionally, we will ensure that all the necessary data needed to investigate an incident are generated and kept in a secure central repository. These logs are essential in pinpointing the root cause of cyber incidents.

Note: The request is a prerequisite to the Incident Response Retainer service.